Girls Activity Days

In my church, I was recently put in as an assistant leader for our Activity Days for girls. Twice a month, the 8-11 year old girls get together and do an activity, and they have a ‘Faith in God’ booklet with a bunch of things for them to sign off during their 4 years in the program. Sometimes the activities are just for fun, sometimes they are crafts, sometimes they are more spiritual.
Of course, once I was asked to help out I immediately went to Pinterest for ideas. I started a new board for it. Now that I am actually involved with the planning of the activities I decided to organize the ideas from the pins. I have started a word document to keep track of them, with links back to the blogs/sites I found them. Hopefully this will help us correlate with the Faith in God program and give us inspiration for our own activities and crafts, without having to go through every blog every time.

File Folder Games

My kids are busy little things. They seem especially busy while in church, when they are supposed to reasonably quiet. So, file folder games to the rescue. I found several nice sites via pinterest (this is a pinterest challenge after all).
I have a book from Finch Family Games that I got several years ago (like 8 or so). I got some of the games from there.

Yarn lacing pages:

From Melonheads LDS Illustrations I got some word finds (great for my 6 year old who is learning to read) and made a matching game.


 From Sugardoodle I found a crazy cartoon tracing set (perfect for my 9 year old).

Sugardoodle also had a file folder link called commandment cones, but I wasn’t thrilled with the copy, so I made my own. You can get it free here: Commandment Cones. You match commandment with its number order (this photo shows the correct placement, in case you need a refresher). The past month or so our church has been talking about the ten commandments, so this is nice for the kids to get to know what they are.

LDS Primary song booklet

For today in my pinterest challenge I am making a song booklet. The original pin is here. I thought that since my kids sing songs in church every week, it’d be nice to practice them at home once in a while too. I typed up the words to some favorites and those frequently sung. I still have to buy a ring to keep them together, but otherwise they are finished. I laminated them using my xyron machine, such a time saver.

You can download the songs HERE if you want. And after I got them all printed I realized that I should make sure I had all the songs for this years primary program, so I had to make an extra page which also includes some of next years program. You can get the extra page HERE.