Halloween Wreath

I love to make these super simple ribbon wreaths. This year I made one for Halloween.

You just need a foam wreath form, several spools of ribbon, and small straight pins.

You cut the ribbons into small 3-4 inch long strips. Then take a ribbon, make a loop, insert a pin where they overlap, and insert it all into the foam wreath. There are lots of tutorials online about this if you need a more pictorial walk-through.

IMG_3734As a bonus, you can get wreath forms at the dollar store during certain times of the year, so it can be a pretty cheap way to get a unique wreath for you front door.

Halloween Food

┬áIt’s Halloween, and I made some festive foods thanks to Pinterest. Sorry I didn’t remember to get a photo of this first one before I wrapped them up for travel to the school. They are just regular brownies, with some frosting decoration. My inspiration came from here.
For dinner we had some super easy to make Mummy Dogs.

And that wraps up my month of Pinterest challenge. Of course, I will still be doing more projects I’ve pinned, but probably not quite as often.

Halloween Costumes

I worked on some sewing projects today. Got a Halloween costume done for my oldest, and half of one done for my youngest. I did get the ideas from pinterest.
For little red, I made a half circle (took the measurement and stuff from a circle skirt tutorial). And I added a hood, made from 2 rectangles sewn together on the top and one side. For the dress I took a vogue sewing pattern that I have used before, then made a few small changes. I widened the middle section and added the lacing, and changed the princess seams so they went to her shoulders instead of armpits. I think it turned out pretty well.

For my youngest, who will be a garden gnome (because he is tiny for his age anyway), I made a simple tunic. I used a long sleeve shirt that fits him and made a pattern, adding some length to make it more of a tunic. It is just a front and back piece, the sleeves are included, not in-set. Now I just have to make him a hat, and maybe a beard and he is all set. He didn’t want the belt on, or his picture taken, so this is the best I have for now. Maybe he’ll be in a better mood next time.