Summer Bucket List 2012

Last summer we planned a “best summer ever”, with the help of an online forum/message board for moms. We had a weekly theme, and did activities and went places having to do with the theme. You can see a quick run-down of what we did HERE. We had lots of fun, and the kids didn’t complain much that they were bored (see the I’m Bored Jar).

This summer I have made a ‘bucket list’ for our summer. Things won’t be as planned out, but I think they will still be fun. Here is what’s on our list

To Craft

Make things out of cardboard (house, car, toys, games) 

Make an obstacle course (or hold an Olympics)
Make finger puppets and have a play
Make something origami
Make Milk Carton Boats
Handprint Sunflower (and other handprint art)
Backyard Mural
Friendship Bracelets
Bug Jars
Build a Fairy House
Balloon Animals

To Eat

Make S’Mores
Make homemade marshmallows
Make homemade ice cream
Make homemade pizza together
Lovo (a Fijian version of a luau roasted pig)
Make cookies
Make and decorate cupcakes

To Go

San Juan Islands
Hike by the school
Bird Watching/ Aviary
Library (storytime?)
Road Trip – Visit friends
Nature Walk
Parade and Fair
Mt Shuksan
Mt Rainier – Paradise and Sunrise
Olympic Mountains
Visit a ghost town

To Do

Bubbles (including giant ones)

Scavenger Hunt

Summer Solstice Celebration (June 20, 2012)
Skip Rocks (teach the kids)
Ride Bikes
Backyard movie theater
Fly a kite
Board Games
Go to Garage Sales
Play in the water
Play Frisbee
Play/make Mad Libs and share your stories

Play kickball

Play hide and go seek
Build a clubhouse or a fort
Start reading a classic as a family read 20-30 minutes of it out loud a day
Play dress up
Star Gazing
Marshmallow Shooting
Cloud watching/identifying
Shadow puppets
Celebrate a silly holiday
Lava floor. Don’t touch the floor to survive
Indoor Picnic
Have a Tea Party
Water Fight
Host a cooking party – invite some friends
Knit (teach the kids)
Costume Party
Play charades
Make a Movie
Play in the Rain
Learn a joke

Here is how I printed it to post in our house, with a box to put a checkmark once we’ve completed the item.

What are you doing this summer?

Airplane Party Printables

I like to make the printables for a party, but I know that not everyone else does. So, I’m giving you mine to use if you like. The above picture is what I made. I have taken out the ‘airline’ name to give you a blank picture to print. I used orange and blue colors because it’s easy to find orange things this time of year and blue is a good complimentary color for it, but you can change the colors of any of the items to suit your needs.
CLICK HERE to get them from dropbox.

Paisley Invitations

I am slowly putting together stuff for my 10th anniversary party. It’s only 10 months away. I’ve put together an invitation (as seen above). I will be printing on my home printer at 4 to a page. I am also sharing the blank paisley card with all of you, so you too can print a cute card with a colorful paisley border.

You can find a PDF with 4 to a page HERE

Oh, and if you like the fake Hindi font, it’s called Samarkan, and you can download it free from dafont

Airplane Party Invitations

My son will be turning 5 in the fall and will be having an airplane themed birthday party. I’ve made some invitations that look like boarding passes (name and info have been changed, of course).

I am sharing the blank template with you for free. If you want it, just click the photo. Also, you can get a personalized barcode from several free places online (if you want to add that to the invite, like in the example). It’d be cute if it said ‘Ben is five’ or something.