Bake Sale

It’s bake sale time at my kids’ school. So I turned to pinterest to get some yummy new recipes. They all turned out great. I made popcorn balls, both plain and with candy corn (the plain ones are gluten free). Pumpkin spice cookies, both with and without chocolate chips. Caramel apple cupcakes (it’s an apple cupcake with a caramel cream cheese buttercream drizzled with caramel sauce). Chocolate Truffles, rolled in sprinkles, cocoa powder, coconut, and walnuts (not all at once of course). And last, chocolate mini loaves


I’ve made several desserts I found on pinterest. Last month I had half a watermelon in my fridge and made some fresh watermelon sherbet. The recipe was from What About Watermelon?, and it was delicious. A very watermelon heavy flavor, which is a good thing. It was a hit with the kids.
Another favorite dessert-type recipe of my kids is Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Slushie. They ask for it at least once a week. I admit that I love it too.
A couple days ago I tried out 2 more desserts. A basic vanilla ice cream. I usually make homemade ice cream with an ice cream maker, but this recipe doesn’t need one. Interesting. And it turned out great. And I made some pink punch. I has pink lemonade, raspberry sherbet, and sprite in it. The girls at the birthday party all raved about it.
So there are my pins for today.

Cinnamon Vanilla Cake

My daughter’s birthday party was a ‘sugar and spice’ theme. So I made her a cinnamon vanilla cake,  per her request. It was delicious and all the girls loved it. I made it pink and put a henna-style peacock on it, but the sparkly gold decorators gel spread a little more than I thought it would, so it didn’t look as great as I’d meant it to. Nobody minded.

Chocolate Burfi

My husband is Indian, and I’ve learned to make a few foods over the years. One of my favorite sites for helping with that is Show Me The Curry. They have great, easy to follow recipes, and even videos. I found this recipe for chocolate burfi. My daughter wanted to take an Indian treat to school today to share with the class for her birthday. This is what she took. It was a big hit. I also made gulab jamun (it’s like a Indian donut hole). Easy to make, delicious to eat.