Barefoot Sandals

Pinterest Challenge project for today: barefoot sandals. I used the tutorial from eHow. This is a project that I am trying out for the birthday party of my oldest. It was a fairly easy project, but kind of time consuming. The stretchy jewelry cord I got was too thick to fit 2 strands through a bead. So, I pulled out some 4lb fishing line to see if I could make it work.

I have decided that maybe a plain anklet would work better for the party. I could still use the stretchy cord, and they wouldn’t take as much time. In the meantime I’d like to apologize for the foot picture 🙂

Alphabet Photobook

Here in Washington we’ve been having a lot of snow. So, the kids and I have been stuck at home all week. One of our boredom busting activities yesterday was to make an alphabet book. I had them go around and collect toys for each letter of the alphabet, and I photographed them on a white background. I made them into book pages, and uploaded them to Shutterfly. Before too long our new ABC book will arrive, full of their toys. If the snow continues, I may do one in Hindi too.



You can see the whole alphabet on my Flickr set.