Favorite Non-Candy Valentines

My kids go to a school where candy Valentines are discouraged. I get it, but I am also a little disappointed. But, I over the years we have done some pretty fun non-candy things (that I found on Pinterest of course). Here are links to these awesome free printables for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Yoda Best



Make my Heart Bounce

exSTRAW special

All That and a Bag of Chips

S’More friends like you

You A-Maze Me


Diaper Cake and Baby Shower Games


A quick and cute diaper cake for a friends baby shower. She is doing a bit of a whale theme in the nursery. I found all these cute items for the cake at Target. There are some swaddling blankets, whale wash cloths, a whale bath scrubby, and a teether that looks like a pacifier (complete with clip).

I was also in charge of games for this baby shower. The mom-to-be was an English major in college and loves books, so the first game was “Name that Storybook”. I had a hard time narrowing down the quotes from the children’s books since they were all so good, so it ended up being 2 pages long (well, one page, front and back). The idea is that you have to name the book the quote is from. You can view/download it by clicking the photo below (it includes a page with the answers)

Name that Storybook Baby Shower Game

The other game we played was “Baby Jeopardy”. We split the group into 2 teams, each with a bell to ring if they knew the answer. The ‘points’ were actually candy. So, for example, 100 was tootsie rolls, 200 was peppermint, 300 was jolly rancher, and so forth. A team picked a category and a candy level, anyone could ring in with an answer (but only one try per team), and if they got it right all the team members got a piece of that candy. The final Jeopardy question was open to everyone (they wrote their answers on a blank spot on their other game forms). We ended up doing it so that anyone within 25 of the correct answer got a Baby Ruth candy bar. You can get my list of questions and answers below (the correct answer is in bold).

Baby Jeopardy Game Questions and Answers

Hope you enjoy playing these games as much as we did!

DIY Tutu

For Halloween this year my oldest wanted to be a ballerina. Specifically she wanted to be a peacock with a pancake tutu. Pancake tutus can be quite expensive, and being a bit of a crafter I decided to make one myself.

I started by going to Pinterest and looking for ways to make a tutu. The three best sites I found with information were TutuToday, Oregon Ballet Theatre, and Emma Grace Gerrard. They have some great photos and information on how professional tutus are made.

I took my supply list and went to the fabric store. I had a great coupon and got all my tulle for 50% off. I also got some sequins and beads and feathers and satin and all kinds of fun things.


It took me a couple weeks working after the kids went to bed, but I finally got it done. There are 10 layers of tulle in the skirt, and a top layer that I hand-stitched the embellishments on. The bodice was 5 pieces, fully lined, with rhinestones glued on.

Seriously, I am so tired of sewing ruffles I don’t think I’ll be making anything for a little while (and maybe I should buy a ruffler foot for my machine).


Dining Room Set Redo

We got our dining set 13 years ago, used from a newspaper ad. It has held up pretty well all things considered. But, it isn’t pretty.

About a year after we got it, I recovered all the chair cushions. But, with 4 kids, they have been spilled on a lot. Now it is finally the time to redo the whole set.

I bought the fabric on sale at Joann Fabric, as well as new foam, and the stain is Minwax (bought at Lowes). I love how this is turning out. Now just to get the other chairs and table done.

Dining Room Set Redo