Dance Competitions

Getting Ready for Dance CompetitionsThis post may contain affiliate links

Now that it’s the new year, it’s the start of dance competition season. Several weekends in the next couple months will be spent watching my oldest dance. While I do love seeing her on stage, because she loves being there, it can be exhausting and a lot of work for dance parents.

I use Cozi, which is an awesome app for keeping me organized (there is a free version, or click on the link for a free trial of the paid version). I use it for a calendar as well as having shopping lists and to do lists. I have one list on mine that is a checklist for packing. It has all the usual dance related items like hair stuff, costumes, makeup, and snacks. Some competitions have master classes or a convention, so you may also need class dancewear and different shoes. So much stuff! Cozi keeps me organized and ready for any competition.

I am excellent at packing bags, and here are 2 that we use for everything dance related

Dance Bag (we got it in teal, her favorite color):

Toiletry Bag (with removable sections!):


Because my daughter is in several competition groups as well as doing solos, she has a lot of costumes and sometimes needs to change very quickly. We bring a rack like this to hang them from because I haven’t spent the money to get one of those dream duffles. It folds down and comes in 2 pieces for easy transport. It fits into my rolling carry-on bag.

This is my competition checklist (click to view larger or save it)

I keep each costume in separate garment bags and label them with these hanging tags I made


What do you bring to competitions?

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