Roadtrip – Nauvoo

When in Illinois, we stopped for a quick view of the Gateway Arch, but didn’t stop in, just wanted to see it. Then we headed north to Carthage and on to Nauvoo.

In Carthage we visited the Carthage Jail and visitor center. We took the tour and saw where Joseph Smith, the first President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his brother Hyrum were murdered.

When the tour was over we headed on to Nauvoo. We parked along Main Street and took a walk around the historic sites. We toured the gunsmith and printing shop. We even went down Parley Street all the way to the Mississippi. Then we went to the Joseph Smith Historic Site Visitors Center and back around to see the Nauvoo Temple. It was an interesting day full of historic sites.

After we wrapped up our visit to Nauvoo we headed west across Iowa. The next day we stopped at a couple more LDS historic sites, the Kanesville Tabernacle and across the state lines to Omaha and the Winter Quarters Mormon Trail Center. Both had nice presentations and things you could touch (and play with), as well as historical information.

I got to play this century old piano!

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