Roadtrip – Kennedy Space Center

After leaving the Everglades National Park, we headed north and spent a day at Universal Studios. I have written about visiting there in the past, so I’m going to skip a recap of that. We were mostly there to see the new Harry Potter area. It was rainy and not too crowded, but the lines that were indoors were kind of long.

The next day we headed over to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. My 6 year old is currently really into space and astronauts, so it was a must do for us.

One cool thing about the space center, is there website has planning tools. You can not only see the map, but find out all kinds of information about the exhibits, and pick which ones you want to see. It has suggested tours or you decide what you want to see and they tell you the best route to get them all in.


We started in the Heroes and Legends area. We watched the video presentation and went to the hall of fame. Then we went to the rocket garden, where you can walk right up to (and in some cases into) the rockets.

By then the day was starting to warm up so we headed in to the Journey to Mars. We watched the 3D movie about the space telescopes.

Our next big stop was the Space Shuttle Atlantis. There is a cool video presentation you can watch before entering. You can walk right up to the replica of the Hubble Telescope, and see the actual space shuttle up close. My teenager was disappointed you couldn’t touch it. There are also lots of cool hands on games and activities there. We all went on the shuttle launch simulator. My littlest just barely passed the height requirement, but he loved it.

We only got to stay until about 1pm because our journey home was long and we needed to get going. If we ever go back I definitely want to take the bud tour out to the other areas and see the other rockets and shuttles. If you have a chance to go to the Kennedy Space Center, you should definitely do it.

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