Roadtrip – Florida Everglades

On our trip we took one day to visit the Florida Everglades National Park. To do this we had to choose just one of the areas. The Everglades is a large park, much of it covered in water. It is home to many rare species and has a unique biome. There are 3 main entry points to get into the park, and 4 visitors centers.

We chose to visit Shark Valley and take the tram tour. I like being able to reserve things in advance and not have to wait in lines or possibly miss things, so it’s nice that the tram tour was reservable. We arrived about an hour before our tour was supposed to start, so we had time to see the visitors center and walk along the nearby trail a little. It was partly sunny, partly rainy, which seems pretty common for the area.

About halfway through the tram tour you reach an observation tower. You can walk to the top and get amazing views of the area. We got eaten alive by mosquitoes, but I think it was worth it (my kids might not agree, there were TONS of bugs).

On the second half of the tour we saw one alligator’s head, but he sunk back into the water/brush before we got too close.

After our tram tour we wrapped up our visit to the Everglades because it was time to head north and start our long journey home (with a few fun stops on the way).

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