Victoria BC

My husband works overseas and can only come home every 4 months or so for a quick visit. This time he came home right around spring break. With our anniversary being at the end of April, just days after his birthday, we decided to get away for a quick trip without the kids. We haven’t gone away without the kids, like, ever, so this was special. We live not too far from the Canadian border, but hardly ever go there. So for our anniversary/birthday trip we settled on visiting Victoria BC. Here are some of the things we did, and recommend to others.

What trip to to Victoria would be complete without a visit to The Butchart Gardens. Sure, it’s not technically in the city of Victoria, but it’s gorgeous and worth the visit. We went before most of the flowers were in bloom, and it was still amazing. Some day I hope we can go back when everything is in bloom.

Craigdarroch Castle is beautiful. Not a huge castle like you usually think of, but still stunning. We loved the self-guided tour. I kind of wanted to move in by the time we were done.

Speaking of castles, Hatley Castle is another gem. It’s part of a school, so you can’t usually go inside, but there is a ‘museum’ in the basement and you can walk the grounds. It’s beautiful and worth the visit. My friend, the amazing composer Jennifer Thomas, filmed part of her Beauty and Beast music video there (see it here!). Amazing.

Victoria is on a bay, so you should definitely check out the Fisherman’s Wharf. There are some cute shops, great fish and chips places to eat, and house boats you can look at.

Around the bay are the Parliament Building, some monuments, and of course the Empress hotel. We did not stay there, and I’m not much for afternoon tea, so we walked through but didn’t really stop. There was construction/restoration going on, which I’m sure will make it all the better in the near future.

For dinner we did visit a small local pub (even though we don’t drink). They had good food and a warm atmosphere. And who can resist a good English Pub.

The ferry ride to and from was beautiful.

I highly recommend visiting Victoria if you are ever in the area!



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