Roadtrip – Glacier and Cascades

The last leg (leg 6 for those you keeping track) of our roadtrip took us to Glacier National Park, before heading home to the Cascades.

After our day at Yellowstone we headed north through Montana. It was a long day of driving, ending with a drive up to Many Glacier and Swiftcurrent Lake (in the park) before going to our campsite at Saint Mary Campground.

After a good nights rest we took the Going-To-The-Sun Road across Glacier National Park. I’m pretty sure we were actually going away from the sun though, because the day started out kind of sunny, and ended pretty cloudy. The road is pretty narrow and goes along cliffs in parts, but the views were amazing. We made sure to stop at all the viewpoints and pull-outs.

At the top of Logan Pass we stopped at the visitor center and walked around a little. There was still a good amount of snow on the ground, so we didn’t venture too far. Coming down the other side we stopped to play a little in Lake McDonald. The photo below does not do it justice, it was so pretty there. The sun even peeked out for us a little.


After Glacier National Park we headed through Idaho and ended up in Spokane for the night. From there we took the northern-most route home, highway 20 (which we’d never done before). This route took us right through North Cascades National Park, and the Ross Lake National Recreation Area. They shut this road down in the winter because of the snow and avalanches. But in the summer it’s a beautiful drive.


Back on the east side of the Cascades it was a nice sunny day. Perfect for our last viewpoint, Diablo Lake. From there is was all downhill to home.
cascade 2

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