Roadtrip Leg 2 – Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon- South Rim

Grand Canyon |Desiree Dabbles

Going from Las Vegas, our next stop was the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We visited the visitor center first thing. I love going in to those, with their cool displays and free information. We decided to take the bus out to Hermits Rest. It’s nice that you can hop on and off at the various stops whenever you like. Being a hot summer day, and having 4 kids, the bus was the perfect way to see all those sights.

Grand Canyon |Desiree Dabbles

Grand Canyon |Desiree Dabbles

We caught the sunset from Yavapai Point, which was gorgeous. It was a little crowded, but everyone was pretty polite about making sure others had a fairly unobstructed view.

We camped at the Mather Campground. I am so glad I thought to get our reservation early, it was full.

Grand Canyon |Desiree Dabbles

The next day we headed out of the park by way of the Desert View Watchtower. It ended up being a perfect pit stop (since my kids never seem to go before we leave, even when I tell them to). From the Grand Canyon we headed out to Monument Valley.

Grand Canyon |Desiree Dabbles

Monument Valley

Of all the iconic places in the southwest, this is one not to miss. We went to the Navajo tribal park, and paid to be able to drive around in the monuments. There were plenty of people around, but it didn’t feel crowded. The views were amazing. And there were a couple stops where the kids could get out and walk around, which they needed after a long drive.

Monument Valley |Desiree Dabbles

Monument Valley |Desiree Dabbles

Horseshoe Bend

I know it’s an unconventional route to take, but after Monument Valley we actually returned to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Along the way we had to stop and see Horsehoe bend, which we got to just as the sun was setting. The kids preferred to eat their dinner in the car while I hiked out to the bend. I didn’t mind, it was kind of crowded (being sunset), and it let me think more about getting photos and taking in the view than watching the kids.

Horseshoe Bend |Desiree Dabbles

Grand Canyon- North Rim

The next day we visited the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We only spent a little time there, just for the view by the lodge. It is amazing how the view can change so much just by seeing the canyon from the other side. The kids enjoyed the hike/walk to the viewpoint, and the steep sides of the canyon below.

Grand Canyon |Desiree Dabbles

Part 3 – Utah’s National Parks

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