Spring Break at the Beach

Spring break at the beach | Desiree Dabbles

Westport, WA is a great beach vacation destination. For spring break this year I took the kids for a week at the beach. We stayed in a cabin at the Twin Harbors State Park. It was super affordable and a great alternative to bringing the tent. The kids were happy it had power and real beds, I was happy it was clean, dry, and even had a heater.     Beach holiday | Desiree Dabbles    Beach holiday | Desiree Dabbles

We spent time walking along the beach, flying kites, visiting the city and going into all the small shops along the waterfront.

Beach holiday | Desiree Dabbles

Beach holiday | Desiree Dabbles

The first day was pretty rainy, so we went for a drive into the Quinault Rainforest. It’s part of the Olympic National Park. We saw a bear crossing the road in front of us, and later a herd of elk also crossed our path. So neat. The lake and river were beautiful, definitely worth driving up the dirt/gravel road.

Rainforest | Desiree Dabbles

Rainforest | Desiree Dabbles

Hiking in the rainforest | Desiree Dabbles

Elk! | Desiree Dabbles

On another cloudy day later in the week we took a drive all the way down to Long Beach. The drive was so pretty. Long Beach was cloudy and windy (just like the beach in Westport was), but the drive was sunny and amazing.

Beach holiday | Desiree Dabbles

I think the kids were just happy to have sand to play in, since the island we live on has so few sandy beaches.

Beach holiday | Desiree Dabbles

Beach holiday | Desiree Dabbles

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