Touring Plans

So Cal Touring Plans | Desiree Dabbles

Here is a quick run-down of the ‘touring plans’ for the southern California theme parks we visited in February. We tend to plan around what the kids want to see/do and try to make for as little walking around as possible, so we don’t zigzag around the parks much. These general plans worked well for us.

1 Day in Legoland California:

Legoland is pretty much a big circle. We started at the main gate, and worked our way clockwise, we went in February, so most of the water stuff was closed for the season.

  1. Explorer Island: Costersaurus ride and Dig those Dinos for the little ones. Safari Trek, then Fairytale Brook
  2. Heartlake City: Mia’s Riding Camp (merry-go-round)
  3. Fun Town: Driving School, and Junior Driving School, then Sky Patrol and the Fun Town Police and Fire Academy
  4. Pirate Shores: Splash Battle and Captain Cranky’s Challenge
  5. Miniland USA: Star Wars! Then wandering through the rest of the USA, ending with the Coast Guard Build-a-Boat
  6. Castle Hill: The Dragon, Knights’ Tournament, and The Royal Joust
  7. Land of Adventure: Pharaoh’s Revenge, Beetle Bounce, Lost Kingdom Adventure
  8. Imagination Zone: Bionicle Blaster, Build & Test (play with all the Legos!), and last the Lego Movie 4D
  9. Ninjago (wasn’t open when we went)


1 Day in Disney’s California Adventure:

We started the day getting Fastpasses for Radiator Springs Racers.

  1. A Bug’s Land: Flik’s Flyers, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, Tuck and Roll’s Drive ’em Buggies (we saw “It’s tough to be a bug” in Florida, so we skipped it this time)
  2. Hollywood Land: Meet Anna and Elsa, Turtle Talk, Sorcerer’s Workshop, Animation Academy, Monster’s Inc
  3. Cars Land: Radiator Springs Racers, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree
  4. Grizzly Peak: Grizzly River Run and Redwood Creek Challenge Trail for those who didn’t want to ride the rapids
  5. Paradise Pier: Little Mermaid, King Triton’s Carousel, Goofy’s Sky School, *parade*, Jumpin Jellyfish, Golden Zephyr (California Screaming was closed)
  6. Back to Hollywood Land to ride Tower of Terror in the dark, then back to the pier for the World of Color


1 Day in Disneyland Resort:

We started off by signing up for Jedi Training Academy

  1. Tomorrowland: Big kids went on Space Mountain while little kids went on Astro Orbitor, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Innoventions, Jedi Training, Submarine Voyage (Autopia was closed)
  2. Fantasyland: Big kids went on Matterhorn while little kids did the Teacups, It’s a Small World
  3. Toontown: Gadget’s Go Coaster, Goofy’s Playhouse, Roger Rabbit
  4. Fantasyland: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  5. Frontierland: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, while I took the little ones to Casey Jr (kids said no to Splash Mountain)
  6. Adventureland: Tiki Room, Indiana Jones (Jungle Cruise was closed)
  7. New Orleans: Pirates of the Caribbean (we did Haunted mansion in Florida, so the kids said no this time)


1 Day in Universal Studios Hollywood:

  1. Studio Backlot Tour
  2. Lower Lot: Mummy, Transformers, and Jurassic Park, while the little kids play in the Jurassic play area
  3. Upper Lot: plan around show times if you want to see all the shows.
    1. Harry Potter (it wasn’t open when we went, but in the future would be our first stop in the upper lot)
    2. Special Effects Show
    3. The Simpson’s Ride
    4. Shrek 4D
    5. Despicable Me
    6. Super Silly Fun Land
    7. Animal Actors
    8. Water World


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