DIY Tutu

For Halloween this year my oldest wanted to be a ballerina. Specifically she wanted to be a peacock with a pancake tutu. Pancake tutus can be quite expensive, and being a bit of a crafter I decided to make one myself.

I started by going to Pinterest and looking for ways to make a tutu. The three best sites I found with information were TutuToday, Oregon Ballet Theatre, and Emma Grace Gerrard. They have some great photos and information on how professional tutus are made.

I took my supply list and went to the fabric store. I had a great coupon and got all my tulle for 50% off. I also got some sequins and beads and feathers and satin and all kinds of fun things.


It took me a couple weeks working after the kids went to bed, but I finally got it done. There are 10 layers of tulle in the skirt, and a top layer that I hand-stitched the embellishments on. The bodice was 5 pieces, fully lined, with rhinestones glued on.

Seriously, I am so tired of sewing ruffles I don’t think I’ll be making anything for a little while (and maybe I should buy a ruffler foot for my machine).


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