Beach Holiday

I grew up in Southern California, and my husband is from the Fiji Islands. We met while in college in Hawaii. To say we like the beach is quite an understatement. So, when we had a free weekend we took the kids straight to the coast.

The Washington coast is awesome. Parts of it are rocky with amazing waves and tall trees. Other parts are filled with sand dunes and surfers. We chose to go to Westport and play in the sand.


We camped in the Twin Harbors State Park, which is right next to the beach. We pulled in just before dark and set up the tent in record time. The kids are getting to be real pros at setting it up. Aside from a few noisy neighbors it was a great place to camp.

beach2In the morning we went to see the lighthouse, and took some time to watch the surfers while playing in the sand. After that we walked around the waterfront and had some lunch.


We spent the afternoon at the beach across from the state park. The kids had lot so fun playing in the waves and making sand castles (and pits to fill with water). Then we drove around Grayland a little and even drove onto the beach.




We went back to our campsite to make some dinner, which was awesome because I just got a new Coleman camp stove. Then we went back to the beach. My husband tried to drive onto the beach again, a different beach, with deeper softer sand (bad idea). We got stuck. Some friendly people with bigger trucks helped us out.


Then we sat at the beach and watched the sun go down and the tide come in. It was beautiful and made us all really miss sandy beaches. Sure, we live on an island, and only minutes from the beach, but it isn’t the same.


Actually, after this weekend we started talking about buying property out there and eventually building a house. We are still looking for the right property, but either way we are going to go back as soon as we can.


On Sunday we drove around the Olympic Peninsula and had a great mini roadtrip. Nothing too exciting, just seeing the sights while going the long way home.

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