Lego Birthday

It should come as no surprise that my 8 year old likes the Lego Movie (don’t all 8 year old boys?). So, for his birthday he requested a Lego party.

Lego PartyI have a 1.5 inch circle punch, so it was pretty easy to make the decorations. We had this lego block banner and some lego head balloons (yellow balloons with faces drawn on in sharpie).

For activities we did “pin the head on the lego man”, a lego tower building contest, lego coloring (blank lego body for them to design a costume), and a lego pull-string pinata (homemade). For treats we had pizza, cut in squares with pepperoni lego dots, and some regular finger foods. In the thank you/goody bags we had some brick candies and a small lego set I found at wally-world for a couple bucks a piece. They also got some extra candy from the pinata. It was a hit.

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