Disney Spring Break

We finally went to Disney World! It was a great family reunion/vacation. We spent 4 days doing Disney, and 1 at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

For Disney we spent 1 day at each park. We love the Fast Pass+ system. It was great to plan the day a little ahead of time and not worry about lines for our top rides. It also worked well for coordinating our 14 person group and which rides/shows the grandparents wanted to do with which kids. I finally got a pearl necklace, I picked a pearl at the Japanese Pavilion and had a cage for it (from Etsy) so I could wear it right away. My husband and I even got an evening to ourselves to see the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at the Polynesian Resort. Reminded us of when we lived in Hawaii. The only downside for hubby was that they didn’t include Fiji (where he comes from). Great anniversary dinner (a couple weeks early, but who’s counting).

1613944_10152461300012652_2279726817395954394_n  10168103_10152461300977652_7538257457636919413_n




The highlight of Universal for most of my kids was Hogwarts. My youngest liked Seussville. And everyone enjoyed Jurassic Park (having seen all the movies already). My oldest named a newly hatched dinosaur and got a fun certificate. We got a wand at Ollivanders (and had to explain that to the airline on the way home), and we bought some interesting sweets as well (chocolate frogs are yummy).


My photobook is already on it’s way 🙂

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