Shark Attack!

It’s teacher appreciation time again. My kids’ school does a staff breakfast each year to thank the teachers. This year they did an underwater theme. So, I made this watermelon shark. He really made a splash!

Also for teacher appreciation, the K-Kids group that my oldest is part of (it’s a children’s division of Kiwanis) do ‘secret pals’. The kids each choose a teacher or staff member (chosen randomly from a hat) and give a small thank you gift at least once a week for the month of May. At the appreciation breakfast the staff gets to find out who their secret pal is, and usually give a gift in return. This year we made a basket full of sunshine, filled with lots of yellow items (candy, pen, chips, juice, candle…), a bag of mint things (with a cute saying about how their involve-‘mint’ has ‘mint’ a lot to me), some homemade cookies (for making her one smart cookie), and a notepad and notecards (for a note-worthy teacher). She had such fun helping to put the gifts together and giving them to her teacher.
We also gave a gift to her regular teacher, as well as my son’s teacher. It was various types of popcorn and tootsie pops, in a popcorn bowl from the dollar store, with a card that said “For a POP-ular teacher”. I love doing gifts for others.

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