Europe With Kids Part 2

Continuing from Part 1.

After London we took a ferry from Dover to Calais. And from there we headed straight into Belgium. I have many ancestors from Belgium, so this was very fun for me. We went to Brussels, and saw the Grand Place. And we went to the Museum of Musical Instruments. I thought I’d be the only one interested in this particular museum, but the kids loved it too. They had audio recordings of what the instruments sound like, that would play on personal headphones when you stand in front of the instrument. So neat.

Europe with Kids

Then we went to one of the smaller cities my family is from. Charleroi, and the town of Gilly.

Europe with Kids

We then went to Germany. Of course no trip to Germany is complete without seeing Neuschwanstein Castle.

Europe with Kids


We used our Eurail pass to take a train trip through the Swiss Alps. Even cloudy it was beautiful.


Europe with KidsAfter Switzerland we went up to Paris. Of course we hit up lots of the iconic spots there as well. The Louvre was particularly great, although huge and tiring to walk through. Hubby got to celebrate his birthday in Paris. And we made it from Paris to the military base in Germany on our last day of using the Eurail pass. Then we spent 2 days in Germany before we finally got a flight back to the states, getting home on our anniverary. Europe with Kids Europe with KidsIt was a whirlwind trip of some of the major sights of western Europe. I wish we could have had more time, but the kids had already missed 3 weeks of school, and hubby had to get back to work. Hopefully some day we can go back. I hope nobody gets intimidated taking kids traveling, it was so much more fun having them with us. If we can do it, you can too.

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