Christmas Gifts 2012

Now that Christmas is over I can show you the things I made. I didn’t do too many hand made gifts this year.
For one of my nephews I made a Bapron.

For my brother, a long time trekkie, I made a Star Trek apron. I even gave him the rank of Captain (hand embroidered).



For my older daughter I knitted a ballet sweater, since she often complains of being cold in her leotards.

My youngest got a marble maze toy. I don’t think he has quite figured out what it’s for though. But my other kids like it.

And for my younger daughter I made an art bag. She loves having her own colored pencils and coloring book.

I also made a bunk bed fort, so my kids don’t have to use their blankets to make a fort every day (I didn’t make windows or put words on mine). It went up that day and hasn’t come down since. Sorry I don’t have a photo.

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