Christmas Deployment Package

My husband is deployed. So, he didn’t get too much for Christmas. We’ll get him some things when he gets back, but I wasn’t about to ship a bunch of stuff to him that he didn’t need or couldn’t use. So I decided to just send him some fun things this year.
For his Christmas package I did a “12 Days of Christmas”. I scoured the internet for ideas, including lists of things people usually send to military members. Here is what I came up with.

1st day of Christmas -1 game of Battleship
2nd day of Christmas -2 cans of Pringles (he likes chips)
3rd day of Christmas -3 Fiber One bars (he is on some health kick)
4th day of Christmas -4 bags of combos
5th day of Christmas -5 hot chocolate accessory sets (marshmallow snowmen, peppermint sticks…)
6th day of Christmas – a card game of Fact or Crap (there were 48 cards, so ‘6’ x8)
7th day of Christmas -7 small bags of candy (peppermints, candy coal, and orange jelly candies since we always get oranges in our stockings)
8th day of Christmas -8 bags of popcorn (4 different flavors)
9th day of Christmas -9 hot cocoa mixes (3 different flavors)
10th day of Christmas -a pair of Christmas-y socks, so he’ll have 10 comfy toes.
11th day of Christmas -11 chocolate candy canes
12th day of Christmas -a tin with 12 gourmet butter cookies in it.

I had a little room left in the box, so I sent him some chocolate pudding, a travel sized nutella (comes with little bread sticks for dipping), and a back massager (it’s plastic and looks like a hand). He says he’ll put out a tip jar now and offer back rubs for his buddies.

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