Home Organization -Kitchen

School is starting again. And my husband will be deploying again. What a great time to get a fresh start on cleaning and organizing. I will now have several days a week with only half the kids at home, and one of them naps. And without the hubby, I can move his stuff anywhere I want it and he can’t complain (don’t worry it’ll only be temporarily displaced until I find better homes for his things).
In that spirit, I have decided to join in ‘Home Organization 101’ over at A Bowl Full of Lemons blog. It’s 14 weeks of cleaning and organizing. This week starts with the kitchen.
I started on labor day, and with everyone home I only got to a couple drawers and a few cupboards. I’ll continue to work while the kids are in school later in the week. Also, I do have more dishes and silverware, they were in the dishwasher 🙂

Plates, cups, bowls…

Silverware drawer

Baking pans and mixing bowls.

Corn holders and other utensils

Large utensils

Medicines (yes, I need to put them back nicely…later). Bottom shelf is Indian spices and mixes.

My fridge is also clean, but I didn’t get a picture of it today.


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