Split-front Ruffle Dress

I am not a big fan of wearing ruffles, but my girls sure like them. I made this dress after seeing something similar in an advertisement. I couldn’t find where it came from, so I made my own version.
The top part was a modification of the Junebug dress at Craftiness is not Optional. I had to enlarge the pattern first, because the free pattern is for a 2T size and my younger girl is bigger than that. I didn’t do a separate flap in the front, but combined it on one side so there is only one off-set split with buttons. I also didn’t bother putting elastic in the sleeves.


For the bottom I made 2 a-line skirts (a bit wider than the bodice circumference so it would gather a little). The bottom one in purple the top in the bodice fabric. The purple one is longer than the top one so it will show all the way around. I put rows of 3 inch ruffles down the front of the purple skirt. For the top skirt I split the front (to show off the ruffles) and made sure the split corresponded to the one in the bodice. It was pretty easy to wing it, so I didn’t patterns for the bottom.
Sorry I didn’t take pictures during the creation and do a real tutorial.


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