Airplane Party Printables

I like to make the printables for a party, but I know that not everyone else does. So, I’m giving you mine to use if you like. The above picture is what I made. I have taken out the ‘airline’ name to give you a blank picture to print. I used orange and blue colors because it’s easy to find orange things this time of year and blue is a good complimentary color for it, but you can change the colors of any of the items to suit your needs.
CLICK HERE to get them from dropbox.

4 thoughts on “Airplane Party Printables

  1. Hello, I am wondering how you change the colors. I love these but have already purchased blue and red supplies. I was hoping to change the airplane to red. Thanks!


    • Most photo editing or drawing programs like Photoshop, Paint, or Gimp (which is a free program similar to Photoshop) let you change the colors by using a flood-fill/paintbucket tool. This is generally the quickest way to change a solid color area like making the orange in the printable become red.


  2. Used dropbox to “print” these printables and it says printing is turned off. How can this be?


    • It works best to download the file first, then print; rather than printing straight from the web browser. The quality is lower when previewing on the web than the actual file.


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