Junk Drawer Purse

On Saturday I attended a ‘make it take it’ day at my church. I decided to make a ‘Junk Drawer Purse’. It’s a little place to put all those things that you want to have with you, but are so small they either get lost or buried in the bottom of your purse (or diaper bag in my case).
Here is a quick tutorial (sorry I didn’t take photos during the making)
Outer fabric- 9.5in x 12in, and 8in x 2in for band
Inner contrasting fabric- 7.5in x 11in
6 snack sized plastic bags (I used Ziplock bags)
Staples (optional, but helpful)

To make:
Optional- Stack 3 plastic bags and staple together close to the bottom, so they don’t shift while sewing. Repeat with the other 3 bags. The bags are quite slippery, so stapling just helps keep them in place and makes sewing easier.
Layer inner and outer fabrics with wrong sides together, matching centers.
Place 3 bags (stapled together) on top of inner fabric, along the center, and 3 bags on the opposite side. Take the fabric band and press under 1/4 inch on both long sides. Place this on top of the bags and fabric pieces, along the center. Stitch it together using a zigzag stitch along each long side. (see photo for reference)
Now all that’s left is to finish the outside edges. Press over 1/4 inch on the long sides. Press another 1/4 inch and stitch in place. Repeat with the short sides.

To create a closure, use either bottons and loops or snaps. Then fill and use as desired.

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