Some Summer Fun

Summer is finally here. The kids got out of school a bit late because of snow make-up days. But, now that they are home all day, we are filling some of our days with crafting. Here are a few things I’ve done these past couple weeks.

Made a bubble container I saw HERE. We bought some big bubble wands at Target (in the dollar section), and needed to be able to fill up the trays. This is a great way to store homemade bubble solution while still being able to dispense it without too much mess. They can even refill little bubble bottles. I didn’t know where to easily buy glycerin, so I used a recipe for bubble solution that uses liquid dish soap, water and corn syrup, because I already had those things on hand.
I made my own label to go on it. You can have my label to print if you want it (photo is clickable). It is about 3in high and 9in wide. I ran it through my Xyron sticker maker to attach it to my plastic jug. It could also be easily attached with clear tape.

Made some cute hair bows and clips for a friends baby shower. I used various free tutorials I found around the web.

Yoyo flowers:
Bows and Covered alligator clips:
Felt flowers: no tut, just layered some flower shapes and hot glued
Ribbon rosette:
Tiny felt flower (unseen in this photo, sorry):

A quick pillowcase dress I made for my younger daughter. I found this cute pillowcase at a local thrift store. After a thorough washing I used THIS tutorial.

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